Sylvie Marique | Secretary General | SPW

Acemis has provided support since 2015 to define user orienteering for the Walloon Public Administration. I appreciate Acemis’ ability to rephrase and to take ownership of a project. The mission and the team become one. The Acemis team knows how to listen and shows great empathy. They take the time to understand us; they put themselves in our customers’ shoes, and rephrase requests to provide the best possible solutions.

What I particularly appreciate is their ability to make teams reach levels they never thought possible, due in part to methods suited to our environment which Acemis is well familiar with. They also encouraged in-house project managers to take ownership of the project afterwards, to make it live on. The way in which Acemis draws up action plans is another example of how they ensure lasting projects. Acemis provides support if we ask for it… without ever going too far. What I like best of all goes beyond methodology: Acemis reminds us to place people – the public, the users – at the core of the debate and the project. At all times. Acemis helps us progress; they force us to look ourselves into the mirror, one we often times disregard, and to see things from another angle, another approach. They keep it simple and never make a show of knowledge.