Frédéric Lobermann | Customer Experience Simplification Director | Groupe Orange

I appreciate Acemis for 5 main reasons: their personal approach, their ability to listen, their broad experience, their co-construction and being results-oriented.

Personal approach: working on customer experience means working with people, even in regards to digital aspects. Acemis is above all a connection to people with well-rounded personalities and legitimacy to talk about human relationships.

Ability to listen: the firm doesn’t have preconceived notions. Instead, they pay attention; they listen to make sure they thoroughly understand the customer’s problems.

Broad experience: Acemis can attest to rich and multiple experiences. We benefit from examples, initiatives and good practices from a number of business sectors.

Co-construction: Acemis never sells or peddles ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, their multi-sector experience makes them capable of rearranging and co-constructing extremely personal and adaptable solutions. Customer experience concerns may be recurrent regardless of the business sector, but transformation solutions are by definition context-oriented.

And results-oriented: some people consider customer experience to be somewhat abstract rather than operational. Acemis provides practical and operable solutions. And consistently advocates measuring results and demonstrating solutions’ efficiency.