France Héringer | Executive VP Quality Customer Experience and Sales | Groupe Orange

Acemis provided support throughout the pilot stage of our Les Incomparables program. It’s a customer experience differentiator, in other words, we aim to create a visible difference that drives customers to Orange and keeps them with us. The program offers key differentiating factors in line with our company’s strategy, which we then adapted throughout markets and countries according to local needs while always placing customers first.

Acemis teaches us to consistently focus on customers and customer experience. They are true professionals.

I was also thoroughly pleased with their flexibility, their agility. The project entailed a lot of creating, hands-on learning, testing and evolving. We worked very closely together.

A specific example? The Orange seminar in Senegal, 3 days during which we set up a workshop from scratch for 35 people from diverse business backgrounds. We were well prepared and equipped with appropriate methods for concrete differentiating results, to set us apart and offer an experience beyond compare. All stakeholders greatly contributed, and while in the process, we also gave a presentation to the executive committee.

This is a clear example of your agility, your ability to have everyone concentrate on the customer, but it also highlights your rigorous methodology. Sometimes, when we stand back and think of customer experience, we tend to undermine its importance, when in fact, it entails a rigorous approach. You’ve shown a firm commitment to goals, and straightforward and solid methodology. You’ve been very efficient and we wholeheartedly recommend your structured and systemic approach to customer experience.