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Wonderful people. It’s always a pleasure to continue working on a project over a meal or a drink”.
Kevin, Manager
What I most enjoy from working at Acemis is dealing daily with very bright people that I have a lot to learn from.”
Anne-Sophie, Consultant




Joining Acemis means,

  • joining a consultancy and training firm specialized in transformation through customer experience
  • being part of a team that values expertise and togetherness, and that is eager to support both their customers and team members
  • co-designing with customers who are sure to stand out through customer experience
  • working with both CAC 40 indexed companies and smaller midcaps in multiple business sectors
  • discovering approximately every 4 months, a new business sector, a new company, a new customer concern or a new business direction
  • being at the core of Acemis’ development by participating in what is important to the company



We seek to hire inquisitive, curious, proactive and rigorous minds. Your creativity inspires customers and your eye for the essential (synthesis capacity) and your customer-centric focus wins their trust.

We welcome open-minded and collaborative individuals, who firmly believe successful missions depend on consultants’ teamwork and co-designing with customers.

Team members are eager to make Acemis grow by taking ownership of key internal matters such as marketing, communications, sales, recruiting etc. Come up with new ideas and develop new skills along the way!



If you feel you belong at Acemis and if our job offers suit you, do join us!


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Our strength lies in bringing together senior and young consultants; experience and youth drives innovation and foresight”
Nicolas, Director




Career growth at Acemis



Helpful integration

Acemis will make you feel welcome from day one. We will give you a guided tour, introduce you individually to team members, provide training… and, last but not least, set a date for your Welcome drink!

All team members, whether they are junior or experienced consultants, or managers, benefit from customized support from an “Acemis buddy”. Speak regularly about your missions, life in the firm… Any questions? Fire away!

New challenges and skills

Acemis means demanding missions, new customers and passionate team members. All factors combined, every day at Acemis is stimulating and enhances personal skills.

Take part in the action outside the firm with one or more team members. Working together provides opportunities to challenge yourself and your ideas for better results and greater customer satisfaction.

The opportunities within the firm are plentiful. Join the team who is in charge of events, communications, literature watching and reviews or recruiting… everyone has access to training and skills building in one of Acemis’ business development areas..


“We are definitely in a demanding business. What I feel is most important is that people at Acemis bring humility and consideration to the workplace. We all care about each other’s success”
Paul, Manager


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