Founded in 2000, Acemis is a consultancy and training firm specialized in transformation through customer experience.
We believe customer experience is at the heart of economic performance and its key transformation lever.
We provide end-to-end transformation support, from design to implementation. Our recommendations are based on ever-growing multi-sector expertise: banking/insurance, services, telecommunications, utilities, real estate, transport/tourism, distribution, public sector

Nicolas Diquéro, PDG Acemis

Our philosophy



“Let’s set priorities right: customer experience should be the driving force of an organization and not a consequence.

First, determine what you want your customers to live. Then align internal processes, procedures, organization, information systems, KPI’s, skills and management to support that goal”



Acemis, a name that tells it all, our ambition, our job, our core principles

Notre ambition: help you to anticipate and simplify customer experience



Acemis, une approche de transformation qui se décline en quatre grands domaines d’intervention :

  1. design customer experience: anticipate, improve, differentiate, simplify and expand
  2. operationalize customer experience, by implementing customer care strategies, models and solutions
  3. anticipate evolutions in customer contact jobs by transforming employee experience and customer relationship skills
  4. support implementation: steer transformation and ensure that customer experience becomes a key part of the organization’s DNA


Our logo

Butterflies embody transformation: a full-grown caterpillar spins a cocoon, the chrysalis, before blossoming into a butterfly. In a similar fashion, we guide our customers through transformation, we encourage them to evolve, to develop, to unfurl their own wings and fly.

Born from a chrysalis, a butterfly is a powerful transformation symbol but it also evokes a bond. Acemis builds lasting bonds by accompanying customers throughout their journey and ensuring effective company transformation. Smoother journeys also result in consumer-brand bonding. We connect consumers to their brands.

Our logo illustrates the role we play in our customers’ relationships with their own customers. Our goal is to ensure alignment between what companies want their customers to experience and the customers’ needs and expectations.


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