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We are committed to our customers until the job is done. A successful assignment means results and effective transformation

Co-construction is the first step to transformation. From day one, we engage in a learning approach: our diagnosis helps teams strengthen newly acquired skills, invalidate current situations and focus on targets that materialize the vision (customer journey maps, service interaction models.



Our commitment: work with you hand in hand until your transformation provides the results you owe your customers, your employees and your stakeholders. You can rely on us to:
  • Facilitate your managers and teams’ skill development with the help of our training and coaching experts
  • Accelerate effective transformation of processes and practices with our unique change and project management methods
  • Embed a customer-centric culture within your DNA, thanks to our creative approach to customer listening and organization transformation through customer experience


Training And Coaching

Facilitate team and manager skill development

Change And Project Management

Accelerate effective transformation

Customer Listening And Driving By Customer Experience

Embed a customer-centric culture within your DNA


Training And Coaching

You wish for everyone, from top to bottom, to understand the current “digital and human” transformation


You wish to help team members develop their relationship skillsets


You wish to develop your clients’ advisors, technicians and sales representatives relationship excellence in specific areas : remote relationships, quality writing (chat, email, post mail), social media, technical home interventions, sales, claims


You wish to transform managers’ behavior and practices to become


You wish to boost managerial agility


… or have us design a customized program addressing a particular customer experience issue. For example: specifically designed programs for product marketing managers: design and implement offers that focus on customer experience or create full digital programs


We help you design and implement customer care skill development programs

  • Our team: 30 trainers/coaches with more than 20 years experience
  • Our attitude: genuine support and consideration
  • A multi-disciplinary learning approach: our coaches are emotional intelligence and systemic approach specialists, certified in Process Communication, MBTI, Agile Profile, Visual Mapping, NLP, ComColors Models, Transactional Analysis
  • Multiple learning methods: on-site and remote, co-design and co-development workshops, learning expedition…
  • With our partners, we can design and roll-out your blended-learning programs
  • Customer-centric interventions:
    • Customer perception is at the heart of our learning process: “wake-up your inner customer”
    • A learning approach focused on intention, based on people and not customer relation techniques
    • Experience learning: capitalize upon current skills and provide specific input according to participant situations

Project And Change Management


The current (as is) and future (to be) situations are insufficiently shared across the board, your teams do not fully grasp the necessity for transformation, they are not committed


Employees understand and are committed to change, but do not implement it


You want to gain momentum and show concrete results while sustaining medium-term goals; you wonder where to start and with who


We can help you to:

  • build stakeholders’ commitment
  • sustain a learning organization based on test & learn processes designed as innovation and learning laboratories
  • focus and foster team effort around a few key outcomes
  • implement coordinated steering of action plans to deliver your customer experience ambition 


Customer Listening And Driving By Customer Experience


You want to design a customer-centric company governance and to define a way to lead customer enchantment


You want to redesign your organization around customer experience. For example, creating an experience management entity or integrating “customer experience ambassadors” within operational departments


You want to instill customer and employee focus within your company governance

We can help you to:

  • design and test your customer experience scorecard
  • design your Customer Experience Service and secure its kick-off
  • implement a listen-and-respond to customers and employees system that anchors a customer-centric culture within your company


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