Employee Experience And Relationship Skills


Digitalization is everywhere in today’s society. It creates a distortion of customer expectations (extreme simplicity, immediate response, etc.). It is changing customer empowerment (highly informed, community-oriented), and customer behavior (autonomy, defiance, opportunism…)

… But it also increases pressure for cost-effectiveness and establishes tougher service regulations

which contribute to rapidly transform the customer interaction landscape, driving it to focus on their specific areas of added value: empathy, goodwill, initiative and emotion.

In today’s digital world, customer contact professions represent a major differentiating opportunity. To continually downplay the customer service sector could lead to high risks for the future.

Customer contact jobs in business will be…



Relationship excellence is paramount in establishing, reinforcing and maintaining strong, long-term customer relations. Therefore truthfulness is crucial, relationship excellence invalidates standard approaches and managerial practices based on rigid norms and focused on short-term quantitative results. It focuses instead on an intention based management practice that drives daily customer enchantment and fosters initiative and cooperation.

Happy employees make happy customers… Improving employee experience is key to improving customer experience!


Our commitment: help you anticipate and prepare for fast transformation of these jobs by:
    • establishing a global vision regarding the evolution of professions and skills
    • developing employee experience in order to promote well-being at work
    • designing managerial practices that are consistent with your customers promise
    • imagining new models to develop relationship skills

Professions And Skills

Design a clear and attractive short and medium-term vision of your team’s professions

Employee Experience And
Well-Being At Work

Understand and improve employee experience using all “well-being at work- levers 

Managerial Transformation

Imagine, implement and continuously support the management practices and behaviors that mirror your customers and employee promise

Skills Development

Design human and digital skills development programs to better serve your customers stakes



Professions And Skills


Digitalization transforms professions and jobs but you need to materialize tomorrow’s missions, activities and cooperative ways


You want to anticipate new competencies and relationship skills. For instance, you want salespeople to sell more AND better, while consistently upholding the transparency and support you promised your customers


Your teams worry about their future. You want to reassure them with a tangible, clear and honest short and medium-term vision of their jobs evolution


You are well aware that the transformations your teams must implement will not happen overnight. You want to anticipate core changes that you must prepare now


We help you design a clear, concrete and attractive vision of how their jobs will evolve


Employee Experience And Well-Being At Work


Happy employees make for happy customers. Learn to gauge your teams’ feelings and identify their satisfaction levers


How can you adapt your human resources policies to upgrade service jobs? Which profiles to recruit, how to onboard, how to develop skills?


How can you value employees and foster retention through career progression and compensation?


We help you understand and improve employee experience by using all levers of well-being at work

Managerial Transformation


Your customer relations managers were promoted based on their core business competencies. You no longer consider their management style is aligned with your priorities


Vour managerial practices focus solely on operational performance: sales, once & done rates… You want to move towards a multi-dimensional performance approach that encompasses operational performance but also client delight and employee satisfaction


You aim for management practices that encourage honest relationships, initiative and cooperation



We help you design a management framework in line with the promises you made to your customer and employees and provide support for sustainable implementation


Skills Development


Digitalization involves significant skills development within your teams. You wish to design a change management program aligned with what is at stake


You already have substantially invested into training programs without tangible results. Employees understand the need for change but have yet to put their new skills into practice….


Managers must understand, embrace and lead change. You want them to develop coaching skills to support teams in transforming their relationship practices


You believe standard training programs are insufficient and that new skill development modes such as experience learning, co-development, learning expedition, blended learning, need to be developed…


We help you create human and digital skills development methods aligned with customer stakes

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