Relationship Models And Digital Solutions


Until recently, only companies decided how to care about customers (purchasing, getting information, getting support, claims…)

Today, customers decide:

  • what they do on their own
  • what they do with their peers
  • what the company handles



This new deal makes unprecedented questions surface:


For customers


What will I have to manage on my own without the usual company assistance?


Will I have support if I need it?



Which community service (social network, discussion forum) will provide reliable answers to my questions, check vendor information or carry sufficient influence for my request to be efficiently taken care of?

For companies


What shall we ask our customers to do on their own using the company’s digital solutions?


What specific added value for our human channels? What is the impact on customer service and distribution network?


How can we optimize our discussions forums? How can we anticipate customers leaving to other forums?



In this context, separate units deciding how to care about a customer is no longer an option. It necessarily starts with the customers’ standpoint, end-to-end and cross-channel


Our commitment : an ecosystem global vision, a framework, unique methods which set customer journeys as an entry point for your customer care model:
  • end-to-end and smooth-running global customer management strategy
  • strategic alignment of operational models and relationship procedures
  • digital and technological solutions to their full potential

We make a difference: we view the ecosystem as a coherent entity and apply innovative methods to enable customer journeys that express customer management model needs

Relationship Strategy

Guarantee end-to-end and smooth customer journeys

Relationship Models

Align operational models and relational programs with your strategy

Digital Solutions

Mobilize the full potential of digital and technological solutions



Relationship Strategy

How to handle customer digital autonomy? Customers must not feel they are left alone or that they can eventually manage without you. You want them to fully use your digital tools but not encourage them to use certain channels for simple requests. What criteria should you set and for which requests?


You want to increase your customers’ digital interaction


You wish to redefine and coordinate the various contact points; you wish to anticipate how human contact channels will evolve or add a new media to your current solutions (messaging, chatbot…)


You wish to guarantee end-to-end coherent customer management services regardless of the contact person or the channel customers engage with.


We help you define a global, smooth, end-to-end customer care strategy that:

  • articulates roles between the customer, the community and the company
  • defines role synergies between the various contact points
  • sets common customer care principles for every contact point


Relationship Models


Customers complain they do not know who to contact, they get transferred to different contact persons, sometimes without any solution, they receive multiple and uncoordinated communication. Each of your organization entity performs well individually, but from the customers’ standpoint, service is not up to par


We help define an end-to-end relational model


You wish to create more regular interactions with customers to improve the quality of the relationship. You strive to create genuine relationships instead of relationships perceived as self-centered

We help define relational programs based on continuous digital dialogue with customers


You wish to develop performance (clients, operational, financial and social) and customer service or distribution networks. You wonder about your make or buy policies or wish to outsource specific services and find the right stakeholders

We help you transform your customer relations’ operational models (mission, activities, processes, organization, steering, outsourcing) by using full digitalization potential


Digital Solutions



You no longer wish to invest millions in long-term projects (CRM, personal accounts…) that do not fulfill the needs of customers and employees. In the long run, no one uses them: salespeople consider themselves as sales people, not data input operators; managers do not endorse solutions or use them erratically as projects do not cater to their needs, or they feel they were not sufficiently taken into consideration



You wish to strengthen and share customer knowledge, increase transversality and develop sales performance with a cross-disciplinary, reliable CRM solution


We help you choose and implement a CRM solution suited to your needs (project management, prototyping, testing, acceptance)


You wish to optimize Mobile Web Performance


We help conduct A/B testing, customize journeys, collect address data, and develop push product and content notifications…

We support web or mobile redesign prototyping and conduct user audits and tests

We help develop websites and mobile apps

Our Testapic partner offers an innovative audit, testing, ergonomics-focused and customer experience solution. Listen to your users’ voice through live-comment videos as they’re navigating through your websites, mobile apps or prototypes.

You wish to increase your customer sharing experience

We support your customer community implementation



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