Customer Experience

Customer experience is what customers live and feel when interacting with a company, its products and services or when they share their story and opinion of a company



Our commitment: to help you CHOOSE the customer experience that will differentiate you from the competitors, through expert consultants, a collaborative approach that facilitates implementation, and tested and proven methods on hundreds of customer journeys with more than 50 clients in all sectors


Define your customer experience ambition


(Re)design or improve customer experience


Integrate customer experience in your projects


Ambition: Setting Your Customer Experience Ambition


Your customers cannot tell what makes you different from the competition. They do not think your company is any different from the others



Your brand promise is not concrete enough for your customers


Customer experience initiatives are not lacking in your company, but coordination is. You need a unified customer experience


We help you look ahead and CHOOSE the desired customer experience. Our method helps you identify customer insight and quickly prioritize the remarkable points of your customer experience



(R)Evolution: (Re)Design Or Improve Customer Experience


Following purchases, your customers often complain about unpleasant surprises: a service surcharge not mentioned during the sale? A delivery delay they were not informed about? …


You promised customers to be digitally self-sufficient, but they think your digital journey is too complicated and they feel left alone to deal with their issues?


and when they need your help, they find you are difficult to reach, they cannot stand having to repeat their problem to different people? They sometimes get annoyed by the supporting documents you ask them to provide, they do not understand why you need personal information?…


We help you resolve complexity points experienced by your customers and enrich their experience. We can either improve your existing customer journeys, starting from an “as is” analysis, or design a breakthrough customer experience



Integration: Including Customer Experience In Your Projects


You invest widely in a new program (offer, IT, regulations). You do not want to go through complicated customer… and employee experience all over again


You want to think and design services that can easily be bought, managed, paid for… in full digital


You aim for customer experience-centric projects


Our method integrates customer experience in all project development stages (Think, Build, Run)


 Our Approach

 A successful customer journey includes a number of details, punctuated by a few milestones.

We detail customer journeys in order to really understand what our customers live.

A journey does not describe a company’s internal operating mode.

A customer journey…

… talks about customers: their experience, their feelings


… starts with the customers’ view point. It starts with the customers’ first interaction and ends with their last


… speaks customers: it is described with the customers’ words



Our Difference

We use cross-referenced feedback in order to fully understand and transform your customers’ experience. We use multiple channels to listen to customer including digital conversation, we analyze verbatims and customer insight, we create persona, we do immersive fieldwork, we listen to employees, and conduct benchmarks, data analysis…


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